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ZP-17DB Rotary Tablet Press - Two Colors - Uses 17 Sets of Dies

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Part Number: 219ZP17
ZP-17DB is a high speed rotary two color (Double film Press) tablet press. This press can be used for pressing granular material into plain or special shaped tablet pieces.
Maximum Diameter: 20mm
Pills Per Hour: 69,360

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ZP-17DB rotary tablet press is a two color tablet press (double film press) used to press granular material into a variety of plain and special-shaped pieces. Mainly used in electronics, food, daily necessities, pharmaceutical and other industrial department, outside the enclosure for all closed, stainless steel materials, conform to the GMP standard. Equipped with a transparent observation window, you can clearly see the work of the machine and can be opened all the way, easy to clear and maintain the interior.
This machine is a double color tablet machine, according to the request, can also suppress the monochrome film, the characteristics of the pressure can normal and shaped, circular, double color shape tablets, especially suitable for many varieties of small batch production. Mechanical and electrical integration, all the controller and adjustment device on the side of the machine block, easy to operate. Equipped with pressure overload protection device to avoid machine damage. The transmission mechanism with oil penetration lubrication is sealed under the machine body, which prolongs the service life and avoids cross contamination. The die can be used with ZP17 press machine.

Dies (sets):17
Max.Pressure (kn):60
Max.dia.of tablet (mm):20
Max.Depth of fill (mm):17
Max.Thickness of largest tablet (mm):7
Production capacity (pcs/h) 34680 (Double Color) / 69360 (Monochrome)
Turntable speed (r/min):34
Motor(kw):3/960, 380V/50
Overall size(mm):900*650*1800
Net weight (kg):700

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